Is mosquito control needed in Winter?

Is Mosquito Control Needed in Winter?

We have all seen mosquitos causing havoc in our lives during the rainy season but have you ever wondered where do they go during the other seasons of the year? Perhaps in Winter? They might not be that active, but they are there and waiting to charge.

“Prevention is always better than cure!”

Let us first understand what happens during the winter season. Most male mosquitoes die when the weather is cold, and the female mosquitoes hibernate. They go into hibernation right after fertilizing, meaning thousands of eggs.

Mosquitoes often lay eggs in still waters, which will hatch when the weather goes above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter is actually one of the great times for you to perform prevention techniques and stay safer from mosquito-borne diseases.

How do you stay safe from mosquito bites in Winter?

If you already know how mosquitoes cause life-threatening diseases, you already have the chance to prevent this from happening. One of the most common ways of preventing mosquitoes from growing, breeding, and spreading is to stop them from laying eggs.

Get rid of still water bodies. No water buckets should be kept open, and no water pools that are out in the open and actually be kept open for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs in it. Birdbaths are often high-breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

If you have bird baths, it is supposed to be kept far away from places of inhabitation.

For professionally controlling mosquitoes, one of the things you can also do is buy mosquito net online. The weather is colder in the USA, but what if you are in a different country, let’s say India, where the rainy season exists full-fledged, and there are grounds for mosquitoes growing? What will you do in such situations? 

It would help if you prepared for preventative measures such as buying mosquito nets online in India and using lotions, mosquito repellent creams, products, and equipment.

Even though mosquitoes are safely out of your way during winters, you must take severe measures.

You must cut down high grass or vegetation as these are prime examples of damp, untouched, and unreachable places. In addition, you must make use of mosquito repellent daily. It is one of the ways you can prevent mosquito bites in case they decide to attack or bite.

As mentioned earlier, prevention is always better than cure, and these are some of the few steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes and keep them under control in winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Do mosquito nets actually work?

Ans. Mosquito nets are one of the most effective ways to prevent mosquito-borne diseases in developing countries, reducing the number of malaria cases by 20%.

Q.2 How do you use a mosquito net?

Ans. Tuck the net under the mattress to keep the mosquitoes out. Tuck netting over a crib under the mattress or select a net long enough to touch the floor. Pull the net tightly to avoid choking hazards for young children. Hook or tie the sides of the net to other objects if they are sagging in towards the sleeping area.

Q.3 How to choose a mosquito net?

Ans. If you are using it for your bedroom, buy a tightly woven and big enough net that can be tucked under your mattress. Rectangle bed nets are good options as your chances of touching the net while sleeping is reduced.

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